Essential Holiday Reading for Entrepreneurs – Books, Podcasts, Quotes and More #BestofSMESA2018

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The holiday season is here, make the most of your free time. Here’s what to read, what to listen to and who to follow on social media.

Below is our top entertainment picks for the entrepreneur on holiday:


What to read – Books & articles

1. Top 10 Influential South African Business and Entrepreneurship Books you Need to Read –  From the very personal Vusi by Vusi Thembekwayo to the more practical ‘Do. Fail. Learn. Repeat.’ by Nic Haralambous, founder of NicHarry socks, and everything in between, catch up on some of the best local releases from 2018. Also look out for releases by DJ Zinhle, John Sanei and Jeremy Maggs.

2. What you Can Learn from Steve Harvey about Overcoming your Fears and Doubts – “The dream has to be bigger than the fear,” says Steve Harvey. Find out what American entrepreneur and talk show host Steve Harvey says helped him conquer his fears and doubts whenever he must tackle a new project.

3. From Umlazi to Silicon Valley– One Woman’s Inspiring Journey in the Tech Industry – Be inspired by the journey of woman in tech, Phumzile Khumalo, who heads to what is still considered the world’s leading technology hub, Silicon Valley in San Francisco, USA. “I believe it is very important for women in tech to be very clear about where they want to go, and be willing to work towards it.”

4.“Your Competitive Advantage is YOU” – Read why Rapelang Rabana says, “Ask yourself, what do you have the potential to offer that is so unique and compelling, that is so helpful that no computer can replace you, no one can outsource you.” She is a computer scientist, tech entrepreneur, and is now chief digital officer at BCX, a ICT company. She is also the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader for 2017 and was selected as one of Forbes Africa’s ‘30 Under 30’ top African entrepreneurs.

5. Five Things You Should Know About Connie and Shona Ferguson’s Growing TV and Film Empire – Connie Ferguson and her husband, Shona, are the couple behind the local television empire, Ferguson Films which they launched in 2010.

The couple is responsible for helping to change the face of television production in the country, all because they were tired of having to look for jobs

What to listen to – podcasts

1. 100% Local Business and Entrepreneurship Podcasts to Help You Up Your Game – Our list of the best South African podcasts in the country. This includes MashStartsup with Mashudu Modau targeted at “Africa’s opportunity seekers, problem solvers, future shapers, world builders and entrepreneurs”.

For those looking for a marketing focused podcast, we have ‘Lessons with Lion: A Podcast of survival tips for the concrete jungle” by Livhuwani Nefolovhodwe, more commonly known as Lebo Lion. She describes her platform as “a marketing and ideas podcast for African Pioneers”.

Other well known podcasts are #DJSbuBreakfast by DJ Sbu and Power Business hosted by economist, Ayabonga Cawe.

2. The Big Small Business Show – hosted by Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp, an internationally well-known business guru, the show aims to give viewers practical and down-to-earth business advice and is tailor-made for entrepreneurs. Expect insight, tips and advice to help you take the leap into entrepreneurship.

3. The GaryVee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and investor who shares lessons from his own entrepreneurial journey. His podcast is an extension of his existing brand (also includes vlogging) which focuses on entrepreneurship, marketing and social media trends. He has featured the likes of public speaker Tony Robbins, health expert Dr Oz and YouTuber Casey Neistat.

4. Small Business MBA – this is a practical guide to entrepreneurship, hosted by Raizcorp trainer Yasmeen Alli. Each week she gives us essential advice on a different aspect of your business, and chats to expert guests for their perspectives.


Who to follow – Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram

1. SA Entrepreneurs on Twitter you should be Following for your Daily Dose of Motivation. From Khanyi Dhlomo offering motivation to reach your full potential and John Sanei, a disruption expert, to Lynette Ntuli sharing business advice, business news and updates, this is who you should be following on the platform.

2. Linkedin is Quickly Becoming our Go-to Platform for Inspiration – Here’s why.  Find out why we think the platform has become the perfect place for (almost) drama-free discussion, even rivaling Twitter in the entrepreneurship inspiration stakes. Also see our recommendations for who to follow, including Wits Business School, VC Clive Butkow, and entrepreneur, Tebogo Ditshego.

3. Nine SA Entrepreneurs whose Instagram Accounts are #EntrepreneurshipGoals. South African entrepreneurs show off the lighter (and more fun) side of being your own boss on the list is Allegro Dinkwanyane, founder of  Orgella Media, Sylvester Chauke, founder, DNA Brand Architects and Thato Kgatlhanye of Rethaka Foundation, among others.


Quotes for every occasion

1. If You are Losing in Business or Life You Should Read These Quotes 

“Nineteen people may love your work, but the twentieth one will hate it and will tell you so; you cannot allow that to affect you. That may sound trite, but there is huge risk in letting criticism get you down.” – Carrol Boyes, owner and designer at Carrol Boyes

“No one is great at everything. We all have our limitations and shortcomings… What unique skills and abilities do you bring to the table? In what areas are you invaluable? You need to find that area where you can offer real value.” – K.O, South African rapper and entrepreneur

2. Quotes from SA’s Best on their Secrets to Success

“I looked at people as people, not as numbers. When I meet with you, when you come into my business place, I would ask your for your name, if you come again, I will welcome you as Mr So and So,” explained Richard Maponya, a Sowetan business icon and founder of Maponya Group

3. Nine Powerful Quotes to Help you Become a Well-Connected Entrepreneur

“Your network is the people who want to help you, and you want to help them, and that’s really powerful.” – Reid Hoffman, American internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author

4. 12 Big Lessons from some of SA’s most Inspiring Women

“We have been brought up to believe that wanting to be rich is somehow evil, negative, makes you greedy. We need to change that mindset, the reality is that when you start a business it’s to make money and we need to be unapologetic about it. I am not proposing of course that we start to make money by any means and at any cost. You need to be mindful of the environment that you operate in, you need to be mindful of the society that you operate in.” – Polo Leteka, founder of IDF Managers, which launched in 2008 and invests exclusively in women entrepreneurs.

“Stop shrinking yourself to fit places you’ve outgrown” – Lynette Ntuli is founding director and CEO of Innate Investment Solutions, a property, asset and infrastructure development and solutions firm

5. 8 Quotes to Help You Be a Leader, Not Just a Boss, in 2018

“There is nothing more important than an environment and a culture that we create that says everybody is needed and wanted, where you can feel it, touch it, and where it is palpable, especially with women, because businesses today are very hostile to women as they are hostile to black people in general. That environment where, like farming, we know the farmer doesn’t spend 80% of his time massaging the individual seeds, but they spend 80% of their time preparing the soil, the environment. So the culture in an organisation says every one of our people irrespective of age, race, sexual orientation in the right environment can bare fruit in abundance, they can thrive. There is nothing that is more critical than to prepare that environment and that culture.” – Bonang Mohale is the CEO Of Business Leadership South Africa

“The important thing about strategy is that it’s no good if it’s just in the mind of the leadership, it’s got to be cascaded across the entire business to the lowest possible common denominator. And that’s all very good and well, but I think one of the things that a lot of businesses miss is that once you have the strategy outlined or articulated it needs to be to underpinned with integrated performance management. So you can have a clearly articulated strategy but if you do not share it it’s a problem and if you don’t underpin it with performance management it’s an even bigger problem” – Kevin Hedderwick is the former COO and executive director of lifestyle investment company, Long4Life

6. Travel Queen Johanna Mukoki on Making it to the Top of the Tourism Industry

“I think I realised it at the first board meeting I sat in. It’s important (to be expert in your industry) especially when you’re the only woman there. I had to know my company’s ins and outs, about statistics out there… it’s so that I can be taken seriously.”

7. To the Job Creators – Quotes from Famous SA Entrepreneurs who are Playing their Part #WorldSMEDay

“We have to create jobs. The success of businesses and all of us depends on job creation,”- Patrice Motsepe, founder of investment firm African Rainbow Capital (ARC) and mining magnate

“SweepSouth has created thousands of job opportunities in the last few months for women, the vast majority of whom were unemployed, resulting in more than 100 000 hours of cleaning being completed over this time,”- Aisha Pandor, co-founder and CEO of SweepSouth, an online platform providing on-demand and regular home cleaning services on the African continent

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