‘Gauteng on the Move’ App gives Commuters Access to Real-time Public Transit Info

Posted on March 16th, 2018
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Gauteng on the move app


Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport Ismail Vadi yesterday launched a mobile app that will provide commuters with real-time public transit information, timetables and fares for Gauteng-based public transport operators.

The new application, named ‘Gauteng on the Move‘ will include operators: Gautrain, Metrobus, A re Yeng, Rea Vaya, Metrorail, Gautrain Bus Services, Johannesburg City Sightseeing Bus, Tshwane Bus Services as well as minibus taxi services.

Speaking on the sidelines of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution and Mobility Seminar” in Midrand, MEC Vadi said the provincial department recognised the need for smart technology and intelligent transport systems as inherent contributors to the development of the transport system.

“We are already seeing the power of technological innovation that is reshaping public transport services, marketing, and consumption.