Recruitment Startup Giraffe Partners with SA Taxi

Posted on February 21st, 2018
Grow Technology


In its latest partnership, Giraffe, a mobile recruitment app, has teamed up with SA Taxi which operates nearly 30 thousand taxis – to provide free access to jobs through its commuter Wi-Fi portal.

SA Taxi’s Wi-Fi initiative, called Taxi Connect, is currently piloting free Wi-Fi in taxis- predominantly in the Pretoria region- that focus on middle to long distance trips and provide commuters with 25MB free daily Wi-Fi.

Taxi Connect is also available at Bosman taxi rank in Pretoria and provides users with 100MB free daily data there. The project aims to add Wi-Fi to more taxis and ranks in the Midrand and Johannesburg areas during the course of 2018.

Commuters can use the Taxi Connect portal to access basic internet services for free whilst in transit, one of which is Giraffe’s mobile recruitment app.

Taxi commuters fit precisely in our target jobseeker demographic

Giraffe’s mobile jobseeker app works on any cellphone that has a browser, and enables jobseekers to make a CV on their cellphone in less than 10 minutes, completely free of charge.

Giraffe’s matching algorithm then contacts jobseekers by SMS to invite them for relevant job interviews in their area.

Since Giraffe launched its automated mobile recruitment service in early 2015, it has attracted over half a million jobseekers and invited nearly 200 thousand of them for interviews.

Commenting on the pilot, Giraffe’s Head of Product Shafin Anwarsha said, “Taxi commuters fit precisely in our target jobseeker demographic. Helping them get better access to job opportunities in their area will reduce unemployment and increase their earning potential.”

Tim Pearson, Taxi Connect project manager asserted that, “Our vision at Taxi Connect is to offer free Wi-Fi to commuters and we feel there is great synergy with Giraffe as their technology allows commuters to actively find jobs, which can now be facilitated via our free Wi-Fi offering.”

Since launching their low-cost recruitment service in 2015, Giraffe has attracted hundreds of employers across South Africa that have used the automated recruitment service to hire roles ranging from call centre sales agents and receptionists to retail staff and drivers.