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Posted on August 24th, 2022
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home business ideas south africa
Starting a business and becoming your own boss is a big dream for many. The problem is,
getting a business off the ground can often seem like an impossible task. Luckily, with the right
business idea, this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are plenty of great home business ideas that you can start. These businesses don’t
require major capital investments and offer excellent growth opportunities.


Tutoring is one of the best home business ideas as it requires practically zero investment. As
long as you have the knowledge, you can easily tutor students from the comfort of your home.
This could be for high school students or university students. You could also offer language
lessons if you speak two languages, or teach any specific skill you know – like cooking.
You could offer in-person lessons at home, or you could do tutoring online. This is an easy
business to start, and there are always people looking to learn new things.

Virtual Assistance

With the world operating online, there are many opportunities for starting a virtual assistance
business. This is one of the best home business ideas to start, as all it requires is an internet
connection and a laptop. You can then offer virtual assistance services to people all over the

Virtual assistance can include many different tasks. You could manage admin services for day-
to-day business activities, you could help schedule social media marketing, offer payroll
services, transcribe audio content, offer data capturing services, or more.

Beauty Businesses

Whether it’s hairdressing or offering makeup services, this is a great business opportunity to
start from home. You could set up a small beauty studio inside your house, or offer mobile
services and manage your business from home.

A hairdressing business is an excellent township business opportunity, as there are always
many people looking to get their hair done. Just make sure you have the skills to do the job.

Electronics Repair

Everyone relies on electrical devices these days, which means there’s a high demand for
electrical repair services. If done right this can be a very lucrative business to start.
You can repair devices from your home relatively easily. You just need to make sure you have
the right tools and knowledge to offer a reputable service.


If you love food and cooking, starting a catering business is a great way to become your own
boss. If your kitchen is big enough, you could use it to prepare food for events, markets, offices,
or anywhere else where you could sell food.

You will need a fair amount of equipment to get started. You will also need to ensure you have
the right licenses and permits to prepare and sell food. Once you have this sorted, there is a lot
of room to grow your home catering business into a highly profitable company.

Digital Marketing

Practically every business needs a strong online presence in order to be successful. If you are
tech-savvy and creative, then offering digital marketing services is an excellent home business

You could offer social media marketing services, SEO and content writing services, email
marketing services, build websites for clients, do graphic design, and more. There is endless
potential for growing your digital marketing business, and you could work with clients based all
around the world.
You could also start an affiliate marketing business, where you make an income by promoting
and selling other companies’ products. There are plenty of affiliate programs that you can easily

Laundry Services

Everyone needs clean clothes, but not everyone has the time or space to take care of their
laundry needs. Starting a laundry business in the right area can be highly lucrative.
You will need to have enough laundry equipment to take on large orders.

Once you have invested in this, you can easily run a laundry business from home. You could also expand it by
offering extra services, like laundry deliveries or sneaker cleaning.

Tax Consulting and Bookkeeping

If you have accounting knowledge, you can run a lucrative tax consulting or bookkeeping
business. This could be targeted towards individuals or businesses, and besides the knowledge,
it doesn’t take much to get started.

While there are endless opportunities for entrepreneurs, these are some of the best home
business ideas in South Africa. As long as you have the right skills and knowledge, you can
easily start these businesses without needing much (or any) money. Each of these business
ideas can be highly profitable if done right.