How to make LinkedIn finally work for you this year

Updated on 8 January 2015

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Video: How to make LinkedIn finally work for you this yearWhether your business is heavily reliant on having a strong digital and online presence or not, the new year is a good time to complete an audit of your online profiles, websites and other digital assets and check if they still meet your business or brand needs. This includes LinkedIn, the professional social networking site used by business people and entrepreneurs for marketing, sales, hiring and networking.
Donna Serdula is an American author of LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a Powerful LinkedIn Profile and brand strategist. Serdula is also a professional profile optimiser and helps individuals and brands with making sure that their profiles are seen and stand out from the crowd.
In this video, she shares the basics for increasing the size of your network and getting people to contact you, which includes:
1. “Make sure that your online network is reflective of your offline network” – For the platform to work for you, your network needs to be as wide and varied as possible, Serdula explains.
2. “Max out your group membership” – Serdula says, this can grow your network substantially as all the members of each group are added to your network.
3. “You need to include your contact information” – Not only should your updated information be included but it should also be easily accessible to people not in your network.
Watch for more of Serdula’s secrets behind getting your profile viewed on LinkedIn.

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