Index reveals the brands South Africans are most satisfied with

Posted on March 31st, 2016
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The South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) has established the best and worst brands in terms of overall quality, customer expectations and perceived value.

The top five brands for 2015 include mostly brands from the restaurant industry. Wimpy (83.6) is the top SAcsi scoring brand for 2015 with Nando’s (83.0) and Chicken Licken (83.0) a close second. KFC (82.9) and Apple (82.7) round off the top five.

Wimpy (restaurants), Chicken Licken (fast food), Mugg & Bean (restaurants) and MTN (wireless internet) have shown the biggest improvement in the last year, thus making them the most improved  customer satisfaction levels in South Africa.

The brands which showed the biggest drop in customer satisfaction levels are Pick & Pay (supermarkets), Caltex (petrol stations), Checkers (supermarkets) and Momentum Health (medical insurance).

The most improved industries since 2013 are restaurants (increased by 6.7 index points), wireless internet (+4.7 index points) and mobile handsets (+3.9 index points).

The industries reporting the sharpest decline are supermarkets (declined by 4 index points), life insurance (-2.8 index points) and fuel stations (-2.4 index points). Industries which are reporting stable customer satisfaction scores are retail banks, cellular service providers and fixed line internet providers.

Microsoft reports that Windows has reached 10 reaches 270 million users

Windows 10 is now in use in 270 million devices, Microsoft said on Wednesday.

“Windows 10 is off to an amazing start,” said chief executive Satya Nadella as he opened the Microsoft Build developers conference in San Francisco, saying the figures represent the “fastest ever” adoption of the Windows operating system.

AFP reports that the company is hoping the new version, launched after a weak response to its prior one, Windows 8 and aimed at integrating with a variety of devices, can help it gain traction in the mobile sector, where it lags behind Google Android and Apple iOS, and in emerging technologies for computing.

The 270 million represents new computers and devices with Windows 10 installed as well as upgrades of existing gadgets. (Fin24)

One in five tech startup founders are immigrants 

More than one in five directors of new UK technology companies are foreign nationals, according to research from DueDil of company and director datasets, reports Startups UK.

Of the 27,395 UK tech startups founded in 2014 by 35,193 directors, 7,426 of these directors were foreign – a 133% increase in the number of immigrant directors since 2010 (3,185).

The figures also show a boom in the number of UK tech company directors from the EU. Of the new 2014 directors, 3,188 were EU nationals against 1,155 in 2010.

DueDil has said that the research represents the increasing draw of the country’s tech sector to entrepreneurs from around the world and has stated that this appeal would be diminished if Britain was to exit the European Union.