Knife Capital launches SARS section 12J venture capital company

Updated on 16 February 2016

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South African venture capital firm Knife Capital today announced the launch of KNF Ventures (KNF), a SARS approved section 12J Venture Capital Company (VCC), dedicated to investing in innovation-driven ventures with proven traction.

According to a press release by Knife Capital, KNF will find, make, grow and realise scalable investments while aiming for a minimum of 40% annualised return on investments. The targeted investment capital is R100 million but initial closing will be smaller to start taking advantage of impending investment opportunities. The minimum participation per investor is R1 million.

By leveraging knowledge, networks and funding, KNF Ventures will accelerate the growth of strategically relevant South African scale-up companies and generate enhanced returns for investors,” says Keet van Zyl, CEO of KNF Ventures and co-founder of Knife Capital.

“We are taking our learnings in the local venture investment space over the last ten years, partnering with value-adding investors and utilising the SARS section 12J VCC regime to create something unique.”

Company offers financing for property entrepreneurs focused on inner city rejuvenation

Johannesburg-based finance company TUHF is hoping to generate a new generation of property entrepreneurs.

The company finances projects from R100 000 (about US$6 000) to R30 million (about US$2 million). The financing is available to buy or improve inner city buildings located in cities such as Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.

TUHF, which claims to have an in-depth understanding of inner city property markets, says it provides loans to housing entrepreneurs and enterprises wishing to build a business based on the provision of residential rental housing.

TUHF CEO Paul Jackson says: “We look at someone who believes in and understands the business potential of inner city rejuvenation. You must be familiar with the area you wish to invest in, and proud to be the owner of a well-run and clean building, and also you must have a signed offer to purchase or deed of sale.” (Southern African)

Primary school learners are being taught social entrepreneurship as part of curriculum

A school in the UK is teaching its primary learners the ins and outs of social entrepreneurship. Victoria Park Academy has embedded social entrepreneurship and core “changemaker skills”, such as empathy, teamwork and creativity, throughout its curriculum.

The pupils are encouraged to adopt a healthy perspective of ‘failure’, and build resilience and problem-solving skills. (

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