Call for early-stage Startups to apply for the Launchlab Ideas Programme

Updated on 20 March 2018

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Launchlab Ideas Programme

LaunchLab has officially launched into its 7th Ideas programme.

The Ideas Programme is targeted at very early-stage businesses looking to validate their concepts with real market players or improve their technology offering to their market.

LaunchLab provides access to their client network who are actively looking for startups to partner with, which aids in the validation.

LaunchLab is looking for startup business ideas in multiple industries, including but not limited to:

  • Education: innovative edutech solutions that can help contribute to new models of education to empower students to create jobs and add value to broader society
  • Smart Cities: smart solutions for cities of the future
  • Cleantech: ideas to help South Africa harness its natural resources better and recycle what we have already used.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): IoT concepts that can transform their supply chains and make customers’ lives better.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): pitch how you think AI will impact our world with your exciting concept
  • Advanced Manufacturing: concepts that can have an impact on this important sector in South Africa
  • Safety: innovative concepts to make South Africa safer
  • Blockchain: each industry that mainly acts as a middleman between producers and customers of immaterial or digital goods and services is vulnerable to being replaced by a peer-to-peer system supported by the Blockchain. Tell us how you will do this?
  • Fintech: disruptive technologies in the financial services industry that can transform the way we interact with money
  • Insurtech: pitch your ideas of what the future of insurance will look like.
  • Agritech and Food Innovations: ideas for food and agritech innovations.
  • Social Enterprises: do you have a business idea which can have a big impact and benefit those that need it most but still be a viable business?

To enter, submit your online pitch at

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