Making sure it’s business as usual with RiCharge Super Station

Posted on October 13th, 2014
Grow Technology

Making sure it's business as usual with richarge super station

One of the unintended consequences of using your trendy smartphone or tablet to email, text and stay connected on social media, is the increasingly short battery life. The manufacturers of a mobile charging solutions, RiCharge, are hoping to get rid of, once-and- for-all, the inconvenience of having a flat battery.

Their latest device is called the Super Station, a tablet and smartphone charger.

Small businesses, particularly those taking advantage of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend, can make use of the Super Station to charge employee devices.

The device should also appeal to small businesses in the service and hospitality industry including conference venues, restaurants and B&B accommodations. The manufacturers are marketing the device as a way to encourage guests to extend their stay by keeping them connected, and even as an alternative income stream by charging guests to charge their mobile devices.

The RiCharge Super Station

The Super Station is a 12-tray charging station that allows users to charge their devices at a table, or any flat surface. Each removable tray houses a battery, and the station comes with all cable extensions for all devices manufactured after 2007

Users pull out an available drawer, plug in the appropriate cable for their device, and push the power button to start charging.

The RiCharge Super Station.

The RiCharge Super Station costs R7000, and is also available from the manufacturers to hire for events.

RiCharge has announced plans to launch a solar-powered umbrella in late-November, just in time for the festive season, that will allow people to recharge their devices on the beach or at a music festival.