Why You Should Sell Yourself as a Problem Solver Not Just a Business on Linkedin

Updated on 9 October 2018

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Public service announcement – South African entrepreneurs you might be using the professional networking platform, Linkedin, wrong.

LinkedIn stands as a towering giant, a digital hub where professionals connect, share ideas, and forge valuable relationships. However, for many South African entrepreneurs, this platform has become a double-edged sword, a tool that can either amplify their brand or inadvertently hinder their growth.

York Zucchi, a seasoned entrepreneur and a driving force behind the SME Movement, an initiative dedicated to unifying South Africa’s fragmented entrepreneurship ecosystem, has identified a common pitfall that many business owners fall into when utilizing LinkedIn: an overemphasis on titles and a neglect of the problems they solve.

The Title Trap

LinkedIn profiles, by their very nature, encourage the display of professional titles and accolades. This emphasis on credentials can be tempting for entrepreneurs, eager to showcase their expertise and impress potential partners or clients. However, Zucchi warns that this approach can backfire, creating a disconnect between entrepreneurs and their target audience.

“People don’t care about your title,” Zucchi asserts. “They care about what problems you solve for them.”

In today’s competitive landscape, where businesses are vying for attention amidst a sea of similar offerings, simply listing titles and accomplishments fails to capture the essence of what an entrepreneur truly brings to the table. It’s the ability to identify and address real-world problems that sets successful entrepreneurs apart.

Shifting the Focus

Zucchi urges entrepreneurs to shift their LinkedIn focus away from self-promotion and towards problem-solving. Instead of simply stating their titles, they should articulate the specific problems they help their clients overcome. This reframing not only highlights the entrepreneur’s value but also establishes them as a thought leader in their industry.

“Share the problems you’re helping to solve,” Zucchi advises. “People want to know what you can do for them, not just what you’ve done in the past.”

By demonstrating a deep understanding of the challenges faced by their target audience, entrepreneurs can forge more meaningful connections with potential partners and clients. This shift in focus also positions them as trusted advisors, rather than mere service providers.

Transforming LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s potential extends far beyond a mere repository of titles and accolades. When used effectively, it can become a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to:

  1. Identify and connect with potential partners and clients: LinkedIn’s vast network of professionals provides a rich pool of potential collaborators and customers.

  2. Establish thought leadership: By sharing insights and solutions to industry problems, entrepreneurs can position themselves as experts in their field.

  3. Build brand awareness: Consistent and engaging content can increase brand visibility and attract new followers.

  4. Generate leads: Targeted content and networking efforts can attract potential clients interested in the entrepreneur’s solutions.

The Path to Success

For South African entrepreneurs navigating the dynamic world of business networking, LinkedIn presents a golden opportunity to amplify their brand, connect with key players, and establish themselves as thought leaders. By shifting the focus from titles to problem-solving, entrepreneurs can transform LinkedIn into a powerful tool for success.

As Zucchi aptly reminds us, “People don’t care about your title; they care about what problems you solve for them.” Let this be the guiding principle as South African entrepreneurs embark on their LinkedIn journey, transforming their profiles into beacons of problem-solving expertise that attract, engage, and ultimately lead to success.

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