MEST Recruitment Officially Open in South Africa

Updated on 19 January 2018

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Following the graduation of the first cohort of South African Entrepreneurs-in-Training (EITs) in August 2017 and the launch of our Cape Town incubator, applications for the MEST training program are officially open in South Africa, now through the end of February.

Successful applicants will spend a year at MEST HQ in Accra, taking part in an intensive entrepreneurial training program centred around business, communications, and software development.

CEO Sakhile Xulu of new MEST portfolio company Qisimah is a member of the first graduating South African cohort. Qisimah is a radio content verification platform that allows brands to monitor their campaigns in real-time. In the past few months, the team has won a World Summit Award, received recognition from the Ghanaian government, and more.

If you know an aspiring global tech entrepreneur in South Africa looking to launch a company like Qisimah, tell them to apply to MEST today!

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