Red & Yellow Business School Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Updated on 10 January 2018

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red and yellow business school now accepting bitcoin

South African Business School, Red & Yellow announced that it will now accept Bitcoin payments for all its degrees, advanced diplomas, certificates and online courses.

Founded in 1994, Red & Yellow has campuses in both Cape Town and Johannesburg and has expanded its scope from marketing and advertising to encompass all aspects of business and management to prepare its students for career success in a digital future.

“The world is changing rapidly, as are our students and it’s our responsibility to ensure we are serving their future focussed needs” says Rob Stokes, Chairman of Red & Yellow and founder of digital agency pioneer, Quirk. “The reality is that Bitcoin is here to stay and with many youngsters having made a good return on their investment in cryptocurrencies, they now want to use this digital cash to invest in their education. These are exactly the kind of forward-thinking students we want because they will be the business leaders of tomorrow”.


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