Sagarmatha Technologies To Invest R100M To Train 5000 Programmers In Africa

Updated on 14 December 2017

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Sagarmatha Technologies To Invest R100M To Train 5000 Programmers In AfricaSagarmatha Technologies has announced that it intends to invest R100 million  to train 5,000 young African computer programmers between 2018-2022. This is to help grow the programming skills base for Africa’s rapidly expanding digital economy

“Silicon Africa is a virtual model of the renowned Silicon Valley in the US and seeks to develop a pan-African ecosystem inclusive of governments and decision makers, universities and technical colleges, venture capitalists, NGOs, incubators and accelerators, technology companies and most importantly, digital entrepreneurs,” said Paul Lamontagne, chairman of Sagarmatha Technologies.

“We believe this ground-breaking initiative will lead to 5,000 learners receiving short learning programme certificates in software development, such as Java, C++, and C# programming, as well as database and web design, so they are coder-ready,” said Lamontagne.

Applications for the first year will be limited to qualified South African learners-only, before rolling out the programme progressively into Africa.

For learners wishing to be part of Sagarmatha’s digital upskilling programme, the minimum requirement for admission will be a matric, high school, or equivalent certificate from an accredited institution in an African country, which is acceptable to one of the partner institutions. It is also necessary to have a certain amount of familiarity with a personal computer.

Graduates of the programme will have the option of continuing for a second year of study in another area of software development or to benefit from a one-year membership in a collaborative workspace, incubator, accelerator, or another similar accredited partner venue that is established in their region at that time. This will include a mentorship programme for some learners showing entrepreneurial aptitude to successfully launch a new business venture by leveraging their acquired IT skills.

Sagarmatha’s Talent360 platform will be extended to facilitate access to higher paying, skilled jobs for graduates of the programme as developers, testers, analysts and others.



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