SEED to host its Replicator Connect Workshops in Polokwane and Pretoria

Updated on 4 May 2018

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Today's Top Entrepreneurship And Business Stories (4 December)Global non-profit organisation SEED will host its Replicator Connect Workshops in Polokwane, 17-18 May, and in Pretoria, 23-24 May. Entrepreneurs with sustainable solutions across the energy, waste management, manufacturing, agriculture and tourism sectors are invited to apply for participation in the sponsored workshops.

“With more than 15 years of experience and having supported and engaged over 600 entrepreneurs across six African countries in our SEED Replicator Programme, we know that our methodology has proven effective in enabling entrepreneurs who are currently contributing to South Africa’s green and inclusive economy to replicate proven solutions and facilitate business partnerships between successful entrepreneurs around the globe,” says coordinator of the SEED Replicator Programme, Christine Meyer.

Unique challenges

“While the country is home to a number of engines which support small business development, the challenges facing those in the eco-inclusive sector are unique, specifically as it relates to the capacity of entrepreneurs to successfully replicate and adapt proven solutions,” adds Meyer. “The programme helps eco-inclusive startups avoid common business pitfalls and tackle environmental and social challenges in the community while generating sustainable economic returns.”

To date, more than 1000 entrepreneurs are directly supported by SEED, and a huge number of those who joined the programme are still in business, a mean feat especially in South Africa where the mortality rate of small business is still quite high, with decreasing numbers making it pass the two-year mark.

Proven business models

“A critical success factor in our Replicator Connect workshops has been presenting proven business models which entrepreneurs can adapt, interrogate and adopt during the interactive workshops, equipping them with work-books and facilitating peer-to-peer feedback,” offers Meyer.

The programme includes an online matchmaking platform which also facilitates and stimulates collaboration and partnerships, much needed in advancing the growth of eco-inclusive enterprises which, more often than not, battle to learn from others to grow their businesses.

The SEED workshops are open to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing enterprises interested in replicating eco-inclusive business models, and establishing business partnerships with successful entrepreneurs around the globe.

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