The Top 5 Online Tools For Small Business Owners

Updated on 30 September 2019

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Top 3 Tools For Small Business Owners

By: Jandre de Beer, digital marketer and owner, Version.Eight Media 

In today’s world, all of the success can be credited to a tool of sorts, or two. As a matter of fact, even history attests to the miracle of what having the correct tools may bring. We’ve fought wars, built churches and crafts to fly us all around the world.

Tools are an essential part of any growth system, we’ve even implemented some within our own business. The question is, are they the right ones? And fortunately or not; only experience can answer that question. Oh and Google, and myself of course; I’m in service business industry.

Entrepreneurship, just like everything else requires the use of correct online tools. Luckily software developers and multiple business heads have come together to bring us an array of such products.

If you take to Google, I can guarantee it will get a bit overwhelming. Which then takes us back to experience, in essence, it’s about knowing how to choose from the pool, and this something you can’t thumbsuck. With that said, I’ve put together a list of 5 crucial online tools for the success of any startup, tried and tested by us of course:

1. Zoho – R99 a month 

Zoho is first on our list, this is an affordable online invoicing tool, and trust me, every small business needs one. As a small business owner, there’s always so much to do. So rather leave stuff like your invoicing to the experts. I mean, you know the importance of timely invoices, and this tool covers just that. Zoho makes it incredibly easy, with features like setting recurring invoices and the likes.

2. Hubspot – Free

You heard right, with Hubspot you can watch your prospects, so you can follow up and close that sale. [HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales and provides tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization]. Did we mention it has a free package? More than that, the advantage with Hotspot is your business will have a fully functional CRM. The app is available on mobile.

3. Meet Alfred – $49 a month/R715

I’m sure you already know that finding clients is always the most challenging part of running an SME. However, there’s good news; imagine a world where small businesses could reach out to key decision-makers on autopilot. Well, you can stop imagining. It’s here, I mean, that’s precisely what Meet Alfred allows you to do.

4. Proposify – $19 a month/R277

We all know the fact of first impressions; they last and so you always want to make a great one. For that, turn to Proposify, and you’ll achieve writing proposals with as much of a professional finish as the more prominent companies. Plus it allows you to measure your efforts, by tracking your viewers and a ton of other features.

5. Business Enabling Toolbox (B.E.T) From $79.99 a year/R1166

It’s all in the name, B.E.T and for those of you who haven’t heard, these acronyms stand for the Business Enabling Toolbox. In truth, it’s by far the ultimate online business tool for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing SMEs as it assists in growing, improving and transforming business.

B.E.T is a digital advisor giving you access to leading consultancy, guidance, your own real-time business performance dashboard as well as tools and templates to assist you in your business. It focuses on the key functions within a business such as – Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Understanding Customers, Developing Strategy, Leadership & People, and Risk Management. Word on the street is this is the toolbox that would change you from a hustler into a business person. So go on, allow B.E.T to be your trusted advisor.

About the author: Jandre de Beer is managing director and founder of the digital marketing agency Version Eight Media (V8 Media). He has been in the digital marketing space for seven years.

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