Two-wheeled Deliveries a Win for your Business

Updated on 27 July 2018

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Using a motorbike (or scooter) to do deliveries for your business may not be something you have contemplated before.

But what if we told you that in certain instances they’re much more efficient for your business than a car is? In fact, you’ll probably make a purchase as soon as you’re done reading this!Here’s why your delivery business should consider moving to two wheels:

1. Beat the budget! Buying a bike or scooter (depending on the model you are looking at) will generally be more affordable than a car or a van, and services may be more reasonable too. Bike parts and tyres are also usually less expensive. Insurance premiums for bikes are significantly less than for cars and trucks, so, if you have numerous vehicles doing deliveries, this saving can add up.

2. Beat the fuel increase! No, “bike” fuel isn’t cheaper – but two-wheeled vehicles are generally more fuel-efficient than their four-wheeled counterparts, which mean that you’ll spend less on fuel while covering the same distances as you would in a car or van.

3. Beat the traffic!  The greatest advantage of travelling by bike or scooter, is that you can get through traffic faster than if you were in a car. No more long hours stuck in congested areas! If you are a business owner, your insurer can in some instances offer tracking services where you can track where your bikes are at any time.

4. Beat the (car) parks! This one is a big “pro”, especially if your business does deliveries in urban areas. Circling the block looking for an open space takes up time (and wastes fuel). It’s also a lot simpler – no more parallel parking!

Of course, safety is always a consideration: riders need to take precautions like wearing good-quality helmets or wearing reinforced clothes, and business owners should specify this protective attire when insuring the bike.

Motorbike insurance may be added to the business insurance policy you already have, or be taken out as a stand-alone policy. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance may also include emergency roadside assistance.

Traffic will no longer be a burden (or an excuse) in certain occasions. Zipping through traffic in a scooter may just be the answer to your business’s logistical problems!

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