, Shopify team up to Boost e-commerce in SA

Updated on 29 May 2014

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South African e-commerce technology company has partnered with the e-commerce platform Shopify to provide its services to the South African market, Business Tech reports.

According to Business Tech, South African businesses sell through a combination of web storefronts, online marketplaces and in-person and this partnership helps bridge the gap and streamline business operations and sales, said.

The group in early May said it raised $1.5 million from, and Andy Higgins, MD of the company. provides multi-channel cloud-based e-commerce services to SMEs across Africa and has been operating in the e-commerce space since 2004.

“We have seen impressive traction across small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) – approximately 800 active South African merchants sell with Shopify – as merchants turn to Shopify to help them sell everywhere,” said Brennan Loh, Shopify’s head of business development. teams up with Shopify [Business Tech]

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