Webber Wentzel Selects its #Ignite10 Startups

Updated on 18 April 2018

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SA Machine Learning Specialist DataProphet Secures Knife Capital Funding
AI and machine learning startup, Data Prophet, was selected as one of the #Ignite10.

Webber Wentzel has selected 10 startups and scaleups to join the Webber Wentzel Ignite legal incubation programme.

Dubbed the #Ignite10, the finalists are all highly innovative businesses who are disrupting their respective industries, according to a press release.

The programme launched by the law firm in December 2017 will provide the selected startups with tailored legal services valued at up to ZAR 100,000; bespoke mentoring and training support – focused on legal knowledge and developing key skills relevant to startup businesses; and targeted networking and profile-raising opportunities.

The 10 startups are: 

BrandsEye is an opinion mining company that uses a proprietary mix of artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to mine online conversations for sentiment and the topics driving that sentiment. They provide accurate and granular opinion data to governments and businesses around the world.  In 2016, they used their technology to predict the outcomes of the Brexit referendum and US presidential election.

Electrum offers leading cloud-based enterprise payments software to accept payments, process financial transactions and provide value-added services. Electrum currently processes more than a billion transactions for 20 million South Africans a year (one in three of us!)

Data Prophet makes use of AI and machine learning to develop bleeding-edge solutions to optimise businesses operating in a range of industries. Customers have experienced significant increases in efficiency and profitability through the deployment of their AI solutions. Data Prophet is planning to grow its global presence, particularly in the US and EU.

Pattern Matched Technologies is a fintech company that specialises in the intersection between the financial, telecommunications and commercial sectors and provides a range of innovative products to its clients. Pattern Matched Technologies manages a monthly transaction value of ZAR 150 million and has been recognised as leading Wireless Application Service Provider.

Quicket is a fast-growing online self-managed ticketing platform that services businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C). Quicket has helped 5,000 event organisers across 10 countries run nearly 40,000 events. Quicket has established a Ugandan branch with payment processing in the East African region, becoming the first truly pan-African self-managed ticketing solution.

Sensor Networks helps insurance companies to predict and reduce risk through the use and application of smart IoT sensors in four key areas: theft, blown geysers, water leakage (commercial) & car crashes. Their IoT platform gives insurance companies and their clients the ability to control data and hardware through mobile apps. Sensor Networks is in the process of developing a new bespoke product for key insurance clients.

Leaply is an AI-enabled software-as-a-service recruitment platform used by businesses to source, screen and select the most desirable graduates efficiently and cost-effectively. Leaply has scaled into 15 African countries through its corporate partners and is working on partnership opportunities in Europe that will drive its future growth. .

Click2Sure is one of the world’s first full-stack digital and cloud-based insurance platforms, which integrates with e-commerce retailers, service providers and other distributors to offer customised, bolt-on insurance products at the point of sale.  The company was selected as one of 10 startups globally to demonstrate its offering in Las Vegas in 2017 and has been selected as one of 20 startups to take part in the Seedstars Hartford accelerator.

SkillUp Tutors offers a bespoke online education platform that matches students, tutors and workshop providers using a unique pricing model. Their human API makes it easy for students to locate reliable, vetted and skilled tutors based on their bespoke needs – which is on average 40% more affordable than traditional tutoring agencies – while maintaining high levels of quality and assurance. In the past year, SkillUp has managed to grow its company tenfold.

HouseMe is a property-technology company that offers Africa’s first integrated, trusted residential rental platform to tenants and landlords across South Africa. With payment collection, marketing, lease placement and management functionality, HouseMe disrupts the agency model and has grown to twice the size of the average rental agency regional office in the past 18 months.

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