Meet SME Growth Champions Seminar speaker: Vika Mpisane

Updated on 9 June 2016

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Meet SME Growth Champions Seminar speaker Vika MpisaneA strong online presence plays a critical role in the growth and sustainability of any business. One of the most important aspects of crafting an online presence is a strong website and domain name, says Vika Mpisane, the CEO of ZADNA, a non-profit that manages and regulates South Africa’s internet domain.

He says a domain name, which is your identity on the web, has an impact on the business’ search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, in addition to this, it can help to build a business’ reputation and also generate traffic to the website, which in turn can help in growing a sustainable and profitable business.

Mpisane, who is one of the featured speakers at the SME South Africa Growth Champion Seminar, shares 3 ways that a strong domain name can work for your business.

1. To build and increase brand awareness

2. To add credibility – according to Mpisane businesses that have their own domain name look professional and assures customers that they are a credible business.

3. To draw in new customers to the business – Mpisane’s advice to business owners is to register their domain name according to their product offerings rather than their actual business name., examples include: photography, gardening, catering etc. In this way they will be able to draw in browsers who are searching for a particular offering.

Catch Mpisane at the SME South Africa Growth Champion Seminar taking place in Midrand on 9 June. To be part of the event click here.

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