3 ways Google+ can help you business

Updated on 5 June 2014

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3 ways Google + can get you business

With over 1 billion registered users and 300 million visits a month globally, Google Plus is, despite perceptions, anything but a ghost town in the social media world.

Google’s data shows significant increases in the number of new users on the social network, showing that small businesses should be taking note of all the benefits awaiting them on this platform.

Chris Brogan is a marketing consultant and speaks on social media marketing issues. Brogan is also a New York Times bestselling author and the publisher and CEO of a digital American business magazine called Owner.

His Google+ page boasts 129,665 followers and over 7 million views.
In this 16-minute video interview with Jeff Korhan, a global digital marketing speaker and consultant, Brogan details content strategies that SMEs can use on the platform to secure business leads.

“Google Plus has 1.15 billion registered users, with 300 million visitors a month globally”

Brogan’s three rules for conquering Google Plus for business:

1. Make your buyer the hero
If you want to connect and build mutually beneficial relationships with potential buyers, you want to focus on them and make them the hero.

Consider the nature of the noise on social networks that causes people to tune out. When you are engaged in a conversation that has you feeling good about you, suddenly, all of that noise melts away, he says.

2. Build your presence first
One of the laws of human behavior, Brogan says, is that when you are desperately looking for attention you probably won’t get it. He says people automatically interact and socialise with other people. Understanding and implementing that in all of your business activities will make your business brand more desirable.

Brogan explains that it’s still early days for Google+, and even major brands such as Pepsico and Ford are finding that people are not quite yet ready to interact with brands. He suggests that you can create a Google Plus business page as a placeholder for your brand, but it’s best to focus on building your presence first.

3. Be accessible to potential buyers
The purpose of social networking is making connections, sharing and learning about people and new business opportunities, says Brogan. He suggests using Google+ to increase the visibility of your brand like using your  ‘about’ page of your Google+ profile to embed links to your sites, and other networking sites as well as a direct link to your email address; including a phone number.

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