5 Ways Bolt for Business Makes Sense for SMEs

Updated on 5 August 2019

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5 Ways Bolt for Business Makes Sense for SMEs

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When you are an entrepreneur, there is no argument that ‘time is money’ – if you are going to thrive as an SME owner you’ve got to be smarter about how you use your time and resources than your competitors.

Bolt for Business, a platform created by Bolt, is a tool that allows you to do just that! The app-based ride-hailing service operates in 22 South African cities, with plans to expand even more before the year is out. Bolt connects passengers with drivers – who are entrepreneurs themselves – getting them from A to B safely and affordably.

The Bolt for Business platform offers entrepreneurs and SME owners a range of solutions to everyday challenges, saving time and money, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on what really matters.

1. Do you and multiple team members need to get to the same meeting, but still need time to prepare? Use Bolt to hail a driver, and you can plan and discuss your strategy en route to the meeting, without having to concentrate on the road.

2. Are you running out of time to catch up on phone calls and emails because you’re spending so much time in traffic? Enjoy the affordable luxury of having a Bolt driver chauffeur you around while you catch up on your work backlog. Hail them using the Bolt for Business platform, and manage your monthly travel budget by allocating each journey’s costs to the appropriate client.

3. Feeling the pinch of vehicle ownership? Cut back on monthly repayments, costly insurance premiums and the rising monthly fuel levy by choosing ride-hailing instead, all while supporting local entrepreneurs.

4. Are you tired of wading through mounds of paper each month, when everyone submits their travel claims and receipts? Managing travel through the Bolt for Business platform allows you to see everyone’s claims on a single dashboard, with insights into where travel allowances are most spent, and printing costs are reduced.

5. Have you met a potential employee who you know would make a world of difference to your business … but they don’t have their own transport yet? Allocate a monthly budget for them to use to get around to meetings using Bolt for Business, and take pride in how they flourish while they boost your business too.

Bolt for business is easy to use: simply download the app on your mobile phone, and set up your business account via the online portal. Adding users is quick and simple – and the initial time investment will be returned by allowing you to spend time and money on what really matters: your business.

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