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Updated on 3 July 2024

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In the competitive world of business, first impressions matter, which is why the quality of your financial documents speaks volumes about your company. Professional, well-managed quotes, invoices, and purchase orders aren’t just paperwork – they’re powerful tools that can make or break client relationships and streamline your operations.

As a comprehensive digital platform designed to revolutionise how SMEs do business and grow their success, SMEgo ensures that every document you send reflects the professionalism and quality of your work and allows you to create and send professional-looking, branded, invoices, quotes, purchase orders, and statements in minutes.

Of course, the advantages of SMEgo extend way beyond aesthetics. Its smart features also transform your document workflow. You can instantly convert accepted quotes into invoices with a single click, eliminating double entries and reducing errors. Sending documents is easy, with options to distribute via e-mail or WhatsApp directly from the platform. To facilitate quicker payments, you can add QR codes to invoices, making it easier for your clients to settle their accounts.

One of SMEgo’s standout features is its automated follow-up system. You can set up payment reminders for overdue invoices, improving cash flow without those awkward customer conversations. This not only saves you time but also maintains professional relationships by ensuring consistent and timely communication.

Streamlined, Holistic Business and Financial Management

Importantly, as an SMEgo user, your professional documents are part of a larger, integrated financial management system. Depending on the SMEgo plan you choose, the platform allows you to track payments and reconcile accounts effortlessly, giving you a clear picture of your financial health at any given moment. You can also generate detailed customer statements for transparent communication, further enhancing your professional image.

For businesses with regular clients, SMEgo offers the ability to create recurring invoices, saving time, ensuring consistent billing, and reducing the risk of billing oversights which could impact your cash flow.

Beyond Document Creation

The platform has a plan for every business. Since businesses have different needs and budgets, SMEgo offers three flexible plans.

  • Basic Plan (Free) – Create up to 5 invoices, 2 quotes, and 2 statements monthly. Accept online payments and send documents via e-mail/WhatsApp. One user included; additional user available for R 25/month.
  • SMEgo Premium (R 99,99/month) – Unlimited invoices; up to 10 other documents monthly. Includes payment reminders, recurring invoices, and credit score access. Two users included; up to four more at R 25 each/month.
  • SMEgo Premium Plus (R 299,99/month, first month free) – Unlimited creation of all document types. Multi-bank account linking, interactive cash flow dashboard, and unlimited products/services and customers/suppliers.

Build your Business and Brand Today

In a world where professionalism and efficiency are essential, SMEgo provides the tools you need to stand out. From creating impressive business documents to efficiently managing your operations, SMEgo is your partner in business growth.

To find out more about how SMEgo can help your business grow, send an e-mail to smego@oldmutual.com. You can also phone (+27)21 137 6078 or (+27)67 718 5598.

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