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Updated on 20 July 2020

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COVID-19 arrived and devastated ALL plans and goals, seemingly overnight. Many business owners have not had an opportunity to catch their breath since.

Use SME South Africa’s 2-week reset to PAUSE, TAKE STOCK and PLAN for the rest of 2020. As we prepare for the new normal – let’s get back to basics!

Follow along for the next 10 days for strategies to do the following:
– Cultivate your network for success.
– Get started.
– Up your marketing and sales efforts.

Follow Lisa Illingworth no-nonsense advice for getting out of your own way: “When is the right time to start a business? I would argue – right now. There is no perfect age, experience or booming economy that is going to give you the edge. All there is, is time in the market”. READ MORE

2020 is no doubt challenging with COVID-19 devastating many businesses, but it’s not the first difficult year entrepreneurs have faced. In 2019 we gathered some of the best advice from entrepreneurs and business thought leaders for overcoming tough times, a lot of which is still relevant today. READ MORE

Now is not the time to go out on your own, writes Christian Harbeck.

“One often talks about pride and ego in the same sentence. As if having an ego is a bad thing; it really isn’t. Your ego is your sense of self-worth, it is what makes you the confident entrepreneur you are. The problem is most of us don’t like being wrong or not having an answer, so we resist the support of others – as if their input would somehow make us unworthy. This is a natural human condition and probably our biggest downfall as a species.” READ MORE

In the original article we challenged Thandeka Xaba to share strategies for starting a business on a limited budget. This is the reality for many entrepreneurs during this period. Get great ideas from how she would go about it:

I would start an online concierge service for small businesses in South Africa which would include services like company registration, opening of bank accounts, tax consulting, bookkeeping, a virtual PA, social media management and drafting of minor contracts (e.g. SLAs).” READ MORE


Your online brand matters now more than every before. In the COVID-19 era and beyond, a business must be online to exist. Follow Victoria Williams’ practical and realistic steps for polishing setting up an effective online presence for your business. READ MORE

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