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28th ,June, 2022


Lacoona provides small businesses with legal, regulatory and business support that is accessible and inexpensive.

They automate legal processes (called Legal Flows), documents and business compliance requirements to help individuals and small businesses deal with legal problems without spending time and money going to a lawyer.

Their legal services are available via a web portal where you can create contracts and solve other business legal challenges such as regulatory management, corporate governance management, employee management and supplier documentation.

Lacoona also supports small businesses with affordable and free guides to legal processes, documents and packages and assists them in finding appropriate legal personnel.

Business owners can also take advantage of their free legal health check which includes a comprehensive diagnostic on legal upkeep, regulation adherence and compliance within a business.


Automated document drafting (LegalFlows) – Create bespoke agreements by answering simple questions online. Lacoona provides digital guidance throughout to ensure a smooth contract creation process.

LegalBytes – Get short responses to common legal questions.

Regulation and compliance – Ensure you are compliant with government and industry laws and regulations

Labour law- Manage your employee relations efficiently to build a happy and productive workplace

Supplier – Keep track of and build strong business relationships with your suppliers.

Intellectual property law – Manage your risk by registering and protecting your physical or software solution.

Capital raising – Raise additional funds with investors to grow your business with our step-by-step guidance

Find a lawyer – Lacoona matches SMEs with a lawyer from their network of specialised legal experts who can help you resolve your case.


As part of the SME packages, you get access to the following automated legal services and resources.

Processes (Legal Flows)

  • Employment
  • Setting up
  • Operational


  • Business Formation and Investment
  • Business management
  • Operational legal
  • Investment and fundraising
  • Website management
  • Employment

Legal dashboard

They offer the following 4 packages.

Free – R0/per user

  • LegalBytes
  • Lawyer Support

All in One – R250/per user

  • LegalBytes
  • Lawyer Support

Ecosystem Plan – Enquire For Pricing


Lots of very good free resources plus a free legal health check.


You have to DIY your legal services.

Brand Features

  • SME Packages
  • Automated document drafting
  • Lawyer matching
  • Free resources


Finding the right purchases for your small business is time consuming, so looked at the list of options to come up with the following recommendations.

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