Aug 21, 2023


PrestaShop is a renowned e-commerce website builder designed to empower businesses of all sizes in the fast-paced online retail world. Offering a feature-rich platform, PrestaShop is a go-to choice for entrepreneurs seeking to establish and manage their online stores effectively.

With its customisable templates, multilingual support, robust inventory management, and SEO optimisation, PrestaShop provides the tools needed for a successful online business. Moreover, its active community and marketplace extend its functionality, making it a versatile and comprehensive solution for e-commerce needs.

While PrestaShop itself is open-source and free, businesses should be aware of additional costs associated with hosting, add-ons, maintenance, and payment gateways. This pricing flexibility allows users to adapt expenses to their specific requirements, though it can make budgeting more complex.

Main Features
  • Customisable templates
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency support
  • Robust inventory management
  • SEO optimisation
  • Payment and shipping options
  • Responsive design
  • Community and marketplace

The software itself is open-source and free to download and use. However, there are costs associated with building and maintaining your e-commerce site. These costs include:

  • Hosting: You’ll need to secure web hosting, which can range from budget-friendly shared hosting to more robust dedicated servers. Hosting costs vary depending on your specific needs.
  • Add-ons and Themes: While PrestaShop provides many free options, premium themes and plugins from the marketplace may come with additional costs.
  • Maintenance and Support: Ongoing maintenance and support, whether handled in-house or through third-party services, are necessary to keep your store running smoothly.
  • Payment Gateway Fees: Depending on the payment gateways you choose, there may be transaction fees.
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  • Cost-effective

  • User-friendly

  • Customization

  • Multiple languages and currencies



  • Security concerns

  • Limited features out-of-the-box

  • Support can be expensive

  • Scalability limitations


There are steps you can take to recover from a hack, such as restoring backups and contacting security professionals. PrestaShop also offers resources on its website to help with security best practices.

Yes, PrestaShop offers a wide range of themes and modules that allow you to customize the appearance and functionality of your store. You can also hire a developer for more advanced customizations.

PrestaShop offers a user-friendly interface for basic customization tasks. However, for more complex customizations, some technical knowledge or hiring a developer might be necessary.

PrestaShop can be a good choice for businesses of all sizes. However, as your business grows, you may need to consider upgrading your hosting plan and using additional modules to manage increased traffic and product volume.

While PrestaShop is a powerful platform, it may not be ideal for businesses with highly complex needs or extremely large product catalogues.