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The Impact of Inflation on Business Finance

Inflation refers to rising prices in an economy, which results in the purchasing value of money decreasing. Rising inflation is something businesses can’t avoid, so it’s important that they understand

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Tax Filing Guide for SMEs: Ensuring Tax Compliance Made Easy

As a small business owner, ensuring that your business is tax compliant is of utmost importance. With the tax-year end just around the corner, it is crucial to be well-prepared

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What is a Global Recession?

Global recessions tend to happen roughly every eight to ten years. They are economic events that can have devastating impacts on economies and businesses. Unlike local recessions, global recessions affect

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What can SMBs expect from budget speech 2023

By Yolandi Esterhuizen, Director of Product Compliance at Sage Africa & Middle East and a Registered Tax Practitioner South Africa’s economy has yet to recover completely from the pandemic and

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What is Incremental Cash Flow?

Understanding cash flow is an essential part of running any business effectively. It’s easy to get so swept up by revenue that you actually miss out on your profitability. And

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What is Business Vehicle Finance? 

Business vehicle finance is important for many small businesses to be able to purchase a car as a business asset. Vehicles are necessary for all kinds of businesses to operate.