The Top 10 SA Businesses with the Best Customer Service

Updated on 11 October 2018

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Give Your Customers What They Want - Woolworths, Food Lovers And Checkers Show You How

Customer service leaders outperform competitors known for mediocre service – delighting customers can drive up volumes, corporate earnings and share prices, according to Aki Kalliatakis is Managing Partner of The Leadership LaunchPad, a customer service consultancy that promotes business growth through service excellence.

Ten South African leaders in customer service were recently revealed in the Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards based on interviews with South African consumers. The awards benchmark service levels in South Africa across 167 major companies in 29 different industries.

These 10 companies have the best customer service in South Africa. 

1. Woolworths Food (Food Retail Stores)
2. Burger King (Fast Food Outlets)
3. Woolworths Clothing (Clothing Retail)
4. BMW (Automotive)
5. Clicks Pharmacy (Pharmacies)
6. Audi (Automotive)
7. Mercedes-Benz (Automotive)
8. Beares (Furniture Shops)
9. Checkers (Food Retail Stores)
10. Foschini (Clothing Retail)

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