Farah Fortune is one of Africa’s Most Influential Businesswomen in Media – 5 Things you Should Know About Her

Updated on 21 October 2018

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Farah Fortune Image: African Star Communications

Farah Fortune is the founder of African Star Communicationsa high profile corporate and celebrity public relations and events management. She is a well regarded entrepreneur and has received countless accolades.  The latest which is being named Africa’s Most Influential in the Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards, SADC region. The awards aim to celebrate and uplift women making a contribution to their communities and economies across the African continent.

The company which also has a presence in Nigeria, this year celebrated 10 years in existence.

She started her business with less than R1 000

Fortune started her company in 2008 with she says, R1 000 in disposable cash, a laptop and a cell phone in 2008 after resigning from a corporate job.

She doesn’t chase the money

One of the most valuable pieces of advice Fortune says she received and uses in business was given to her by her mother. “My mother taught me a lesson I will never forget. She said: ‘If you chase money, you will keep on chasing money for the rest of your life. But if you chase your passion, money will follow you,’” Fortune said, adding that her business started doing better after that advice.

Don’t give up, it is possible to work through everything and come out better

Who she works with

Fortune’s company roster of high profile clients range from big brands to up-and-comers, this includes local musicians and celebrities, venues, brands and corporate clients. In an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune says she found her niche, which is promoting South Africa hip-hop stars, in what was a crowded PR market.

Her mission

“A creative team in Public Relations is a team that thinks outside of the box, comes up with innovative ways to launch/publicise a product/brand and knows how to keep their name in the media for all the right reasons,” Fortune said in an interview with SME South Africa.

Her advice to other entrepreneurs

In an interview with KDanielles Media earlier this year, Fortune’s advice for other entrepreneurs is to focus on what’s important.

“You may need to do some free work or work at a reduced rate to prove yourself. It’s not easy and you will have to build close relationships with many people in order to keep up to date with what clients are looking for. Don’t give up, it is possible to work through everything and come out better.”

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