All the Reasons your Business is not Getting Funded

Posted on August 22nd, 2018
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The top four reasons SMEs requested funding in 2017 was startup capital, buying equipment, expanding businesses and working capital. This is according to finding of the Finfind ‘SA SMME Access to Finance Report’ released in July.

Alice Leah, operations manager at Finfind, an online platform, shared with the attendees at the recently held FundEx some harsh truths about why they are possibly not getting the funding they need at the recently held funding expo for entrepreneurs, FundEx, held at the Riversands Incubation Hub

Here are 9 challenges entrepreneurs face when trying to access finance, according to Leah.

1. They don’t know who all the funders are.

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2. They don’t understand the different funding offerings.

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3. They don’t know what the funders need from them.

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4. They don’t understand finance terms.

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5. They don’t have all the documents needed – poor record keeping/lack of finance

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6. They waste a lot of time and money running around applying for finance they don’t
qualify for, resulting in funding fatigue.

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7. They have a poor or inadequate trading history.

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8. They have a poor credit record/no credit history.

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9. They have poor financial management (budgeting and cash flow).

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