A Guide to Black Industrialist Scheme

Updated on 8 November 2023

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The Black Industrialist Scheme

The industrial sector is an essential part of South Africa’s economic future. There is plenty of opportunity for industrial growth in the country, which is why the government is invested in helping young industrialists succeed. This is why the Black Industrialist Scheme was started.

If you meet the right criteria, then this scheme can be an excellent opportunity to obtain funding for your industrial business. Let’s explore everything you need to know about obtaining this.

What is the Black Industrialist Scheme?

The Black Industrialist Scheme is a policy initiative in South Africa designed to promote and support the growth and participation of black-owned and managed businesses in the country’s industrial sectors and value chains. The main goal of the scheme is to leverage government resources to unlock the industrial potential that exists within these businesses. This should help contribute to economic growth, investment, exports, and employment, while also promoting economic transformation. As the manufacturing and industrial sectors hold a lot of value and potential for the growth of South Africa’s economy, schemes like this are important for boosting future economic growth.

The Key Objectives of the Black Industrialist Scheme

The Black Industrialist Scheme operates with two main objectives in place.

Accelerate Black Industrialists’ Participation

The main focus of the scheme is to increase both the quantity and quality of black-owned and managed industrial businesses participating in the South African economy. This is measured by their contribution to various economic indicators, such as growth, investment, exports, and employment. By actively investing in, and developing these businesses, the scheme aims to create a more diverse industrial sector.

Diversify Entry Pathways

The scheme is focused on creating multiple pathways for black industrialists to enter industrial sectors and value chains. By providing financial and non-financial support, it helps these entrepreneurs overcome barriers to entry and gain a foothold in these industries. Overall, this helps to create a broader industrial sector with more instruments for entry.

Who Can Apply for Black Industrialist Scheme Funding?

Black Industrialist Scheme funding is available to individuals and businesses that meet specific criteria. Applicants need to be committed to expanding their current operations or establishing new businesses. Applicants need to have a clear plan for becoming self-sufficient within a maximum of 10 years of their participation in the program. Here are the key eligibility and funding details for joining the Black Industrialist Scheme.

Intended Beneficiaries

Entities eligible for the Black Industrialist Scheme funding are those that intend to grow their existing operations or establish new ones. These entities should actively participate in the day-to-day management of the business and possess relevant expertise in the industry they operate.

Funding Percentage

The incentive provides financial support, covering a portion of the project costs. The funding typically ranges from 30% to 50% of the project’s total expenses. However, the grant is capped at a maximum of R50 million. This means that the amount of funding a beneficiary can receive depends on the size and scope of their project.

Co-Funding Requirement

A crucial prerequisite for obtaining Black Industrialist Scheme funding is having a co-funder involved. This co-funder can be either a commercial bank or a developmental funding institution. They are required to match the grant funding provided by the scheme. This co-funding arrangement ensures that the beneficiary’s project has financial support from both the scheme and the co-funder, which enhances the sustainability and viability of the project.

Funding Coverage

The Black Industrialist Scheme funding can be used for various purposes related to the project, including:

  • Capital Investments: This covers expenses related to machinery and equipment, owned or leased buildings, commercial vehicles, and assets purchased from business development services.
  • Feasibility Studies: Funding can be used to conduct feasibility studies to assess the viability and potential success of the project.
  • Post-Investment Support: This includes financial support for activities such as patents, product development, IT infrastructure, and procurement systems, which are essential for the growth and success of the business.

The Black Industrialist Scheme is all about promoting sustainable economic growth and transformation in South Africa by actively supporting black-owned manufacturing businesses. This initiative is part of a broader effort to address historical economic disadvantages and create more inclusive opportunities in the country’s industrial landscape. If you meet the right criteria and operate an up-and-coming manufacturing initiative, then the Black Industrialist Scheme can be an excellent growth opportunity. Be sure to consider this scheme as a viable funding option to help you secure long-term, stable capital for maximizing your business growth.

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