These SAB Kickstart Boost Youth-Owned Businesses Created Jobs

Updated on 29 November 2018

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(Top row) Thabang Mofokeng, Kevin Munsamy; (centre) Violet Thotoane Lupuwana; (bottom row) Gabisile Mashilwana, Ebenezer Smith

The 21 young entrepreneurs selected as finalists in SAB’s youth entrepreneurship development programme, SAB KickStart Boost, have created a total of 178 jobs in their respective communities as a result of the support provided by the programme this year.

“The number of jobs created by this small group of entrepreneurs provides positive evidence that entrepreneurship, if given the appropriate support and guidance to grow, can make a meaningful impact on the challenge of unemployment that South Africa faces.

“SAB sees the potential and value that entrepreneurs, in particular youth entrepreneurs, offer to the country and a large amount of our efforts are directed at channelling them into the direction of success for their businesses,” says Phumzile Chifunyise, Enterprise Development Manager, SAB and AB InBev Africa.

Entrepreneurship is one of SAB’s top sustainability goals with a target of helping to create 10 000 jobs in South Africa over the following 5 years. SAB KickStart Boost, along with other entrepreneurship development focused programmes, is geared at helping achieve this job creation target.

Job creators

The 21 finalists operate largely in sectors identified at a national level as being high impact job creators, including manufacturing, agriculture, transport, information technology, and renewable energy.

An important focus of the SAB KickStart Boost 2018 programme design was to help entrepreneurs gain access to market. This year, the 21 finalists were assisted with business opportunities in large companies, similar to SAB, and many of them have secured business service contracts with these. Businesses are assisted with aligning to big business supply chain requirements and are offered opportunities within targeted market linkages.

“The long-term sustainability of SMMEs must be supported through giving them opportunities where these entities ordinarily struggle – access and the ability to service large corporations. We help develop them to reach a level where they can adequately service these organisations in their own right.”

SAB has worked closely with the SAB KickStart Boost finalists to find opportunities for them to increase their market access, including helping them to connect with appropriate local stakeholders within their respective communities so that more people adopt their services and support their business growth, as well as exposure of their businesses through media coverage.

Support offered to the entrepreneurs came in the form of “Supply Chain Readiness” themed business development guided by their individual business strategy, one-on-one mentorship, understanding of industry trends, as well as business pitches to SAB depots & partnering organisations.

Top 5 SAB KickStart Boost 2018 businesses:

Five of the finalists were recognised for their success at executing their business strategy most effectively during the duration of the programme, as well as their ability to apply methods of scaling and creating jobs.

1. Most Impressive Business Award (R150 000 grant): Profecia IT

2. Sustainability Award (R75 000 grant): KCM Environmental Services

3. Perseverance Award (R50 000 grant): Chumile Transport

4. Up and Coming Business Award (R15 000 grant): Excserpro

5. Innovative Business Award (R10 000 grant): Samac Engineering Solutions

Ebenezer Smith (34) co-established Profecia IT in 2012, a software development and telecommunications business with a Level 1 B-BBEE status. It is based in Port Elizabeth.

Kevin Munsamy (35) established KCM Environmental Services in 2015, an environmental monitoring consultancy that helps companies comply with South African environmental regulations. The business specialises in emissions testing, water quality (Legionella) monitoring, environmental noise testing and soil pollution. It is based in Durban with an office in Pretoria and operates across South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Violet Thotoane Lupuwana (32) established Chumile Transport Services in 2012, a division of Chumile Holdings. The business has a fleet of 30 vehicles for shuttle services, transfers, chauffer services, staff transport contracts and tours. It has offices in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape, as well as satellite offices in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

Gabisile Mashilwana (29) established Excserpro in 2015, an auto electrical solutions business that also provides remanufacturing services. The business offers a wide range of services that include repairs to stators and alternators, vehicle and machine wiring.

Thabang Mofokeng (40), Director and CEO of SAMAC Engineering Solutions since 2013, a mechanical engineering business with a core focus on green solutions. The business specialises in the mechanical and electrical engineering designs (thermal and finite element analysis) and components fabrication. It is based in Durban.

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