Technological Factors Affecting Business 

Updated on 1 June 2022

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technological factors affecting business

Technology is designed to make businesses run more efficiently and achieve better results. However, technology doesn’t come without its challenges. It can be confusing to navigate the ever-changing and developing world of technology.  

As technology use among small businesses increases in South Africa, it’s important that business owners understand what tech solutions exist and how they can use them to grow their business.  

In this guide, we’ll explore technological factors affecting business, and why using technology is so important for small businesses these days. 

How Does Technological Change Affect Business? 

Technological growth can bring about many positive changes and advantages for businesses. As technology develops, more opportunities are created to help businesses and improve the way that they operate.   

New technology can help businesses create new products and services – essentially developing entire new markets. Technology can also automate time-consuming business tasks, increase productivity, reduce business expenses, and make it easier for smaller businesses to achieve more.  

At the same time, technological change can also be a challenge for businesses. Businesses need to constantly adapt to the latest technology trends to keep up with the competition. If a business relies on outdated legacy systems, switching to a new tech solution can completely disrupt the way a business operates.  

It can also be expensive to invest in new technology and incorporate this into a businesses existing operations.  

How Do Technology Factors Affect Business Operations? 

Many businesses these days rely heavily on technology to manage their daily operations. This can include everyday back-office tasks, like accounting and inventory management, through to more advanced use cases – like product development.  

Technology has completely changed the way businesses collect, record, and use data. This means the right tech solutions can help businesses to understand their customers and market better and respond to customer demand more efficiently. Technology can also be used to evaluate industry trends and help business owners make more informed decisions.  

Technology can be particularly helpful for small businesses, as there are many tech solutions that vastly decrease the number of human work hours required to perform certain tasks. This means businesses with small teams can achieve more and save money on operating costs.  

The more technology develops, the more opportunities arise for technology to improve and help with business operations.  


Current Technological Factors Affecting Small Businesses? 

Current technologies are able to help businesses in many different areas – such as manufacturing, communications, sales and advertising, purchasing, and more. With the advancement of AI and machine learning, many new technologies exist that can automate business processes and help businesses make more informed decisions.  

However, small businesses need to keep up with this technology. Businesses need to have the right computer systems, good internet connectivity, and access to the right tech support.  

Steps Small Businesses Can Take to Become Technologically Adept 

Small businesses should start by rethinking the way that they operate and looking for solutions to streamline and improve this. If there are areas of business operations that take up a lot of time or result in many inaccuracies, this could signal areas that require technological advancement.  

Small businesses that want to become more tech-savvy should do their research. Watch videos and pay attention to what the competition is doing. The more you can learn about tech trends, the easier it will be to adopt new technologies. Signing up for a newsletter about technology and joining groups and social media pages can help to improve this knowledge.  

Small businesses should also make use of free trials and software demos. By looking into different software solutions and trying out how it could work for your business, you’ll gain a far better understanding of what kinds of technologies could help you grow.  

Businesses today should reconsider any manual processes that exist. If you spend hours inputting data into spreadsheets, this could be a sign of a new technology requirement. If your business still uses paper processes, then this should absolutely be digitized.   

Here is a helpful tech buyers guide for South African small business owners. It’s a great resource to understand what kind of tech solutions exist.  

Technology is always changing and growing. There are many technological factors affecting business. At the same time, there are many excellent opportunities for small businesses to use technology. 

Technology should be something that businesses warmly embrace to make their lives easier. It’s important to understand where your business may have inefficiencies and what kind of solutions are available to fix this. By keeping up with the latest tech trends, running a small business should become a lot easier.  

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