12 Lessons from my First Year as an Entrepreneur

Posted on August 10th, 2018
Business Skills & Planning
Tumediso Lobelo is an entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Tulo Vation which provides digital infrastructure and advisory services. Below she reflects on her first year in business.

Surviving 12 months as an hashtag#Entrepreneur has taught me these 12 lessons:

1. Some people (perhaps most) who promised to support you when starting your business, will probably end up not doing so.
2. “Connections” are not a sustainable business model.
3. There’s a difference between an entrepreneur, business person and tendertrepreneur.


4. You will lose, get rejected and fail.

5. Learn to self-motivate. This is the loneliest journey you’ll ever embark on by choice.

6. Your friends and family are not obligated to support your vision.

7. Chasing money or having it does not equal success.
8. Never believe the hype! Dig deeper for the truth (if it really matters).
9. Not everyone you start with will ride the wave with you. Know their intentions upfront.

10. Never get emotional when making business decisions. Learn to separate love and sense.
11. Never get too desperate that you sell your soul. Everything done in the dark, will be revealed some day.
12. Time is your most expensive asset. Focus and spend it with those that support your purpose.

The future remains exciting… Never give up!

This post was originally appeared on Linkedin. It is republished here with permission.