3 Steps to a Happier, More Productive Staff

Updated on 7 December 2018

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Hygiene is about more than putting your best foot forward for others – it can have serious health implications for yourself and those around you.

We should all take hygiene seriously for a multitude of reasons – least of all the health and safety of customers, visitors and employees and here’s why.

When the work environment is clean employees are happier – and happy employees are proven to be more productive. So, keep your workplace clean and you give employees the type of environment that they want to remain in and you will reap the long-term rewards.

Details such as keeping windows clean to let in natural light, regularly emptying bins and keeping the washrooms clean will really boost the morale of your employees.

By keeping your workplace clean your business stands to achieve a positive public persona. In addition to your employees there are multiple people that come in and out of your business like suppliers, clients and stakeholders. A clean and tidy workplace is essential to building a solid public identity – and some may argue that the physical workspace is as important as the professional appearance of your employees.

Substandard hygiene can have serious consequences for the health of your employees which will ultimately result in your more taking sick days, more often. The implementation of proper workplace hygiene will curb the spread of harmful germs and again help to boost productivity in the workplace.

So how do you ensure that your workspace is properly equipped? Here’s a checklist of the things you should include in your workplace hygiene routine to ensure a healthy environment.

• Air care – for example, air fresheners and odour control.
• Deep Clean – regular deep cleans with heavy duty chemicals will help to eliminate germs
• Dish towels or cloths – paper towels or cloths that are specifically for drying dishes in your kitchen.
• Dish soap – to make sure that your employee’s mugs and other utensils are always clean and germ-free.
• Hand paper or hand dryer – for employees to dry your hands and prevent germs multiplying.
Hand cleansers – which are essential for proper hand washing practices to eliminate bacteria.

In the end, the pursuit of healthy hygiene practices has a profound impact on the happiness and health of your employees as well as on the reputation of your business. So, make sure that you subscribe to a basic set of guidelines and ensure a healthier workplace.

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