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Email Marketing 101

Posted on Apr 2nd, 2014
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Email marketing 101

Email marketing is the most powerful method for growing sales and maintaining strong relationships with your customers. Your customers have already chosen to do business with you and will most likely continue to do so if you stay in touch with them and provide great service.

While this method of marketing has been around for some time, according to digital marketing agency Quirk, it remains cost-effective and highly targeted. This means it should be viewed as a great opportunity to send your information directly to your customer’s inboxes.

Katharina Scholtz, Knowledge Director at marketing school Red & Yellow says, “Email marketing engages with people in a personal space – their inbox.

“Regularly providing your customers with valuable information can be an exceptionally powerful way to build a relationship, but only if you do it well.”

Here is Scholtz’ list of the basics when tapping into email marketing:

1. Never send unsolicited mail
Rather build a database of subscribers who actually want to hear from you. Not only will this lead to happier readers, but it also ensures that your money is well spent, as your mail will be read. This kind of email should lead to a sale or lead.

2. Consider a double subscription process
When someone signs up on your site, an email is sent to them in which they confirm that they did in fact subscribe. This will ensure that you only reach people who want to be reached.

3. On that note, include an unsubscribe link
Not only is this required by law, but it will ensure that you only send mails to people who want them. People can change their mind about a subscription, and giving them the option to opt out will ensure that your mail reaches a receptive audience.

4. Design for preview panes
Most people will read an email in their preview panes instead of opening up a window to view the full email, so make sure that critical information is displayed properly on top.

5. Track and measure your campaigns
Email campaigns can be tracked down to the finest detail – you can find out how many people opened their mails and how many emails bounced back. These are all numbers that you can check in real time if you’re using a good mailer system. Armed with this information you can make sure you’re sending to your target audience.

“Sending an email is personal communication,” Scholtz says. “If you keep that in mind and pay attention to the details in your campaign you should come out with a valuable list of people who appreciate your brand.”
Originally posted on: Gotta Quirk