New mobile video-streaming app solves Africa’s bandwith issues

Updated on 20 August 2014

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New mobile video-streaming app solves Africa's bandwith issues

Tuluntulu (Pty) Ltd has launched its Adaptive Real-time Internet Streaming Technology (ARTIST) platform as an application (app) on the Apple iOS and Google Android App Store.

The ARTIST platform (also called Tuluntulu) was developed by a consortium of researchers and engineers from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR), University of Cape Town and East Coast Access and was commercialised by start-up company Tuluntulu which also licensed the platform.

Tuluntulu uses rate-adaptive technology. This means that the rate at which the video streams to a mobile device varies depending on the available bandwidth at the time. The technology automatically adjusts picture quality to ensure that the video stream does not have to buffer or break. Users can increase video quality with a simple volume-like button. This feature allows users to control their data costs.

 An opportunity for African content creators

The app will deliver 10 unique ‘TV-type’ channels 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “The app opens up new opportunities for content creators and advertisers across the African continent,” says Tuluntulu CEO, Pierre van der Hoven.

“There are now new voices, new content and new business models”

The app streams content from various channels including the news channel Al JazeeraAfrica4u, an African entertainment and lifestyle channel and Afridocs which streams documentary films.

New content

“Only two of the launch channels are established broadcast channels and the rest are new players in the market. There are now new voices, new content and new business models,” says van der Hoven.

“The reach offered by this medium can also have a quick and significant impact in areas such as education,” he says. “Furthermore, with users able to control their own data costs, they can watch video content for as little as R5 an hour,” he adds.

Users can download the app and view streamed video content on Android and IOS mobile devices. The download of the app is free, but viewers do pay for associated data costs, which vary according to mobile network providers.

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