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Updated on 14 June 2018

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SA Hosts on Airbnb Platform Received about 830,000 Guests in 2017In partnership with Open Africa, Airbnb will be hosting a pilot two-day training program in July 2018. The training will be focused on hospitality and technology for emerging entrepreneurs, organisations and individuals from township and rural areas across the Western Cape and Gauteng.

The programme is targeted at aspiring hosts or entrepreneurs interested in travel and hospitality with a passion for utilising technology to economically and socially empower communities.

The training is free of charge for those that get accepted. Entries are open for a limited period only with limited slots available.

Participants will be provided with an introduction to the sharing economy and Airbnb. Through specifically designed materials, participants will gain an education on how to set themselves up for a successful journey in building a more inclusive tourism sector in South Africa. This could be through hosting, co-hosting or leading Experiences.

To apply send an email to answering the following questions:

  • Why do you want to participate in the Academy?
  • What do you believe you will benefit from the Academy?
  • Which community do you live in?
  • What makes your community unique?
  • Would you like to attend the training in Cape Town or Johannesburg?

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