Are Business Cards Still Good for Marketing?

Posted on May 12th, 2023
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Business cards might seem like an outdated marketing tool in today’s digital world. However, many businesses still use them and are achieving great results from them too.

So, are business cards still worth it? The short answer is yes! When done right, there’s a lot of value you can gain from offering business cards. Of course, this is all dependent on what type of business you run, what kind of design you use, and how you hand out the business cards. To help you understand the case of business cards in more detail, here are some of the main advantages of using them.

Business Cards are a Direct Marketing Tool

The beauty of using business cards is that they’re one of the most direct ways of connecting your brand to potential customers. Business cards create a completely tangible connection. In today’s digital world, this kind of physical connection is more impactful than ever. A business card can also be kept and referred to later. This helps make your business more memorable and keeps your business at the front of people’s minds. By carefully considering your business card ensign and executing this well, handing out business cards can make a lasting impression on your target customers.

Creates a Strong First Impression

Handing someone a business card generally initiates the first impression they have of your brand. By creating business cards with an outstanding and interesting design, you’ll be able to create a sense of “wow” and generate a stronger first impression. Offering well-designed business cards reflects your business’s professionalism, personality, and creativity. This is all very important for introducing new people to your brand.

They’re Great for Networking

If you’re networking with potential clients, having a few business cards at the ready can help you create a much stronger connection with these people. Business cards let you exchange information quickly and efficiently, making it a lot easier to connect with more people. With a great business card. Making new connections can also become a lot more memorable. Business cards can help make your business stand out in people’s minds, leaving a lasting impression on your new network.

Building a Stronger Brand

Business cards are just one of many different tools you can use to display your brand identity. By printing business cards, you can instantly get your branding out, and reinforce your brand identity. This means potential customers can understand what your brand is about straight away – before they even research what your business does. Again, this adds to your professionalism and can help you develop a more memorable brand.

Business Cards are Efficient

Even if your business card is not particularly creative or interesting, it’s still one of the fastest ways to exchange all of your important details. You can include all the relevant contact information and business details a client might need to know, and exchange this in a matter of seconds. If you had to ask people to pull out their phones each time you wanted to share your business number, this could waste time and create a negative first impression.

Modern Business Cards Are Exciting

You can now create business cards with scannable QR codes, or even add NFC technology to them. You can print business cards in a wide range of materials, shapes, and designs. From transparent business cards to circular business cards, there are endless ways you can use these cards to make a strong impression. This means business cards can still be an exciting way to engage with your audience.

Digital Business Cards Exist

If you feel that traditional business cards don’t make sense for your brand, there’s still the option of creating digital business cards. This lets you utilize the power of business cards without needing to print anything.

Digital business cards work by sending all of your business information to someone at the tap of a button. You could get people to scan a QR code to access the digital business card, or they could add their contact details and get sent the business card digitally. While they’re not quite the same as the instant transaction you get from a printed business card, they’re an alternative worth looking into.


When done right, printing business cards can be a great idea. Just try to make your business cards memorable and unique for them to make an impact. Of course, you should also be careful that you hand them out to the right people in the right situation. When done properly, business cards can still be a valuable marketing tool for any business.