Attention Startups! Company and Domain Names Can Now be Registered Together

Updated on 19 January 2018

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A collaboration between the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC), the ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) and the ZA Central Registry NPC (ZACR) makes it possible to register a new company and its equivalent domain name at the same time.

This will allow startups to have greater control over their intellectual property (IP).

According to Lucky Masilela, CEO of ZACR, this tripartite arrangement enables new enterprises to benefit by protecting their fledgling online identities.

“This innovative offering seamlessly combines the offline and online worlds in a way that provides total convenience and protection for startups,” he says.

In terms of this model, the CIPC Registrar has limited functionality and simply acts as a conduit to the domain name registration platform.

The CIPC Registrar does not enjoy all the capabilities of the normal.ZA-accredited commercial domain name Reseller and Registrar (RaR) and does not derive any financial benefit for facilitating such registrations.

“Nor will the CIPC Registrar compete with existing RaRs,” says Masilela. “The initial domain name registration with CIPC is for a limited one-year period only and registrants are expected to pay the same domain name price that is charged to all our other accredited registrars.

“CIPC-registered domain names will need to be transferred to commercial domain name RaRs to enable full functionality and renewal,” explains Masilela.

Additional support, renewal of domain names and hosting services can only be purchased from the greater community of accredited RaRs.

Established in terms of South Africa’s ECT Act, ZADNA regulates.ZA – SA’s country code Top Level Domain names.

ZACR, for its part, says it is a pioneer of the local and international domain name space and the administrator of such domains as, the three cities’ geographic Top Level Domains (gTLD) of .joburg, .capetown and .durban, as well as the administrator of the .africa gTLD, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Registry Africa.

CIPC focuses on consumer-driven initiatives aimed at facilitating and promoting the registration and maintenance of companies, co-operatives and protection of IP rights.

“This is a fantastic example of domain name space pioneering coupled with out-the-box thinking in the area of public-private partnerships. We thank our partners and look forward to launching further innovative services for new enterprises, startups and other commercial users in the near future,” says Masilela.

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