Brand SA Launches ‘CEOs Know’ Campaign to Boost Investment

Updated on 5 March 2018

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Brand SA launches campaign to boost investmentSouth Africa’s official marketing agency said on Monday it was launching a six-week digital campaign to position the country as an ideal investment destination.

Brand SA said on Monday the ‘CEOs Know’ campaign would feature various senior officials from multinational corporations and organisations including South African Tourism, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Goldman Sachs South Africa, Anglo American South Africa, Shell Companies South Africa and Toyota South Africa Motors.

It said the campaign would showcase inspiring stories as told by the respective CEOs, highlighting South Africa’s competitive strengths as an attractive foreign investment destination.

“This campaign comes at a time which sees private and public sector in collaborative efforts to strengthen and accelerate progress in building a more prosperous and equitable South Africa,” Brand SA CEO Kingsley Makhubela said. (via African News Agency)


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