Can you Really Call Yourself a Leader?

Updated on 19 April 2018

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Do you consider yourself to be a leader because you own a business? You might reconsider after watching Vusi Thembekwayo’s latest talk on leadership.

The venture capitalist and entrepreneurship champion in a short video, which forms part of his weekly #MondayMusings talk series, breaks down what is true leadership and what is simply imitation.

Find out the difference in these 8 quotes.  

“99% of the people that want to be the leader and envy the benefits of leadership, don’t have the mettle for what it takes to lead.”

“You can try as much as you want, but you can’t be educated into leadership. Leadership is not about qualifications, it’s not about education, leadership is not even about tenure, you could work 20 years and do the same job and still not know how to lead.”

“When things are easy and times are certain and the direction is clear, it’s easy [to lead], in fact you don’t even need to lead, things just kind of take care of themselves.”

“You can have the job and still not be the leader, you can have the position and still not be the leader”

“Leaders can only emerge as leaders in times of strife, difficulty and complexity.”

“What really makes you a leader is how you step up, when it’s time to step up.”

“If you think about [a] pilot, he is actually getting paid to manage difficulty and complexity. He is not getting paid to take off and land, anyone can take off and land. Just like anyone can start a business, register [it] and open a bank account and create a website.”

“Until you have had a moment to lead you can’t call yourself a leader.”

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