City Of Johannesburg To Run Citywide Revenue Collection Blitz

Updated on 8 January 2018

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City Of Johannesburg To Run Citywide Revenue Collection Blitz

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba will on Monday take part in a citywide revenue collection blitz to collect just under R1 billion in arrears amounts from over 2000 businesses which have failed to pay for city services, the city said.

Mashaba would be joined by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department’s newly appointed chief David Tembe, head of the city’s Group Forensics Investigative Department General Shadrack Sibiya, the city’s head of legal services Isaac Mogashoa, and senior officials from the city and entities.

“The collection blitz is a joint intervention between City Power and the Revenue Shared Services Centre to collect arrears amounts owed to the city by businesses across the seven regions, excluding the areas that are supplied with electricity by Eskom.

“We are committed to bringing the rule of law back into the city and ensuring those who can afford to pay for our services do so. This is money which is crucial to the provision of services in our city, particularly our poorest residents, and reduce pressure on those currently paying,” the city said in a statement. (Via African News Agency)

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