Could this Dessert Franchise be the Next Wakaberry?

Updated on 24 January 2018

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Few dessert franchise brands have enjoyed the success that self-serve frozen yogurt brand, Wakaberry has. What many people won’t know is that the same team are the brains behind another trendy dessert restaurant brand, Plan B Dessertery.

Launched in KwaZulu-Natal in 2017, Plan B earlier this month opened its doors in Johannesburg for the first time. “We wanted to bring something fun to Durban. Cape Town and JHB always manage to sneak the trendy stuff in before us so we wanted to give Durbanites something to get excited about,” it says on their website.

Wakaberry was founded in 2011 by Michele and Ken Fourie and David Clark. The founders have proven their ability to spot exciting international food and restaurant trends and then customise them for the local market. Wakaberry is one of the country’s fastest growing fast-food franchises with 25 stores across the country, as well as one in Namibia. In 2014, the founders sold a majority stake of Wakaberry to food franchisor Famous Brands. They are also behind Four15, a Durban-based burrito bar that specialises in Mexican cuisine which they launched in 2015.

The dessert market is a growing one in the country. In the past five years we have seen international dessert brands enter the country, including the French pastry brand, PAUL Bakery, US doughnut giant Krispy Kreme and its competitor Dunkin’ Donuts.

Could Plan B Dessertery follow Wakaberry’s success? Here’s what you should know about this new offering. 

On The Menu
The menu includes desserts such as warm bubble waffles, freshly-rolled dessert tacos and filled churros with a variety of toppings and ice cream dishes. Their bubble waffles originate from Hong Kong and churros and tacos from Mexico.

Not Just Dessert
In addition to dessert, Plan B Dessertery also serves coffee including a coffee blend from Terbodore Coffee, which is 100% Arabica from Brazil, Uganda and Ethiopia. The blend is roasted in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands especially for Plan B Dessertery, according to a Bizcommunity article.

The Locations
They have five branches, four in KwaZulu-Natal and one in Johannesburg.

The Inspiration
Like with Wakaberry, Plan B Dessertery was also inspired by an international trend. The founders say they noticed the popularity of desserts sold on the street that are easy to hold, and one that customers didn’t have to sit down to enjoy.

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