Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset With These 7 Steps

Updated on 11 November 2019

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An entrepreneurial mindset makes an entrepreneur more resilient, says Marang Marekimane, business strategist and founder of Business Processes Mechanics. “It is the type of mindset that sees opportunities to solve a problem and packages that as value for the next person.”

Marekimane gives a step-by-step guide to how you can adopt this outlook:

1. Determine what your customers value

You should engage with your customers to understand what they value –  you can often [find this out by] listening to their problems. Therein lies the opportunity.

Engage with potential customers, investors or partners and ask a lot of questions.

Marang Marekimane, business strategist

2. Be strategic about money

Find opportunities to sell and direct your efforts towards activities that [bring you closer to potential] customers, investors or partners. All of which [will help you to build] wealth.

Realise that being penniless or feeling broke is temporary. Look for ways to create a pipeline of customers and pockets of investments.

3. Set goals

For me goals are a [major] driver. I get a great sense of achievement each time I can tick-off something as complete. Without goals, I’m not sure how [else you can] assess progress.

4. Be your own coach

Self-coaching starts with how you speak to yourself during those “solo staff meetings”. [Negative self talk] breeds negativity, [while positive talk enhances your entrepreneurial mindset] and helps you look out for opportunities.

Learning a new skill is a great way to start. I encourage [activities] like Toastmasters, not to necessarily to become a public speaker, but to face the fear of being vulnerable, to receive feedback and to adapt so you can be better.

5. Commit to upskilling yourself

Ask for and give feedback [as] it will make you teachable, [it will also help to] sharpen your skills and [increase your] confidence.

Learn skills that bring you closer to your goals or at the very least, [help to] interrogate your fears.

6. Do not disregard negative emotions

We all experience self-sabotage to varying degrees and at different points of our lives. Even with an entrepreneurial mindset you can experience such, you just deal with [these feelings] differently. [View them as] an opportunity to leverage your network.

7. Accept failure

Failure is a teachable moment. If you don’t see that, you are likely to get overwhelmed and [your business journey] will be a constant uphill battle.

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