[DOWNLOAD] Financial Statements Templates for Entrepreneurs

Updated on 18 March 2021

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[DOWNLOAD] Financial Statements Templates for Entrepreneurs

The SME South Africa financial management templates report pack includes all the resources that entrepreneurs need to be able to manage their finances efficiently, from business plans and income statements, to balance sheets, a cash flow statement, and more.

Entrepreneurs should be diligent about keeping evidence of all their financial transactions such as receipts, statements, invoices, and purchase orders.

Good record keeping can help when you apply for business finance – as many lenders want to see evidence of proper record keeping.

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Financial Management Templates Available for Download

  • Download the Income Statement template to get a full picture of your company’s revenue, expenses and overall profitability.
  • The Business Plan template can help you with the following: formulate a clear statement of your business’s mission and vision, a roadmap and timetable for achieving your goals and objectives, and offer a clear description of your marketing strategies.

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  • Get the Finding Your Breakeven Point (Download) guide and determine how much sales you need to achieve a net income of zero. Break-even analysis allows you to know how much profit you can earn at different sales volumes.
  • Learn How Much to Charge for Your Services. This will guide you on how to set your price, give value for money as well as include other costs such as labour, production and logistics costs.

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Financial management templates are available in Excel or PDF format:

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