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Updated on 8 March 2021

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How Direct Marketing Gets You Customers

Digital marketing changed the game – for the first time every business could afford marketing tactics, such as direct marketing, to build trust in their brand and open wallets.

The following is an excerpt the eBook, Cost-Effective Digital Strategies for Growing Your Small Business, produced by SME South Africa and Version.Eight. It provides guidance for small business owners looking to market their businesses online.

The eBook covers everything from what social media platforms you should be using for your business to the ins and outs of lead generation and nurturing.

It also includes:

  • How educating your customers on your products can lead to sales
  • What social media platforms you should be using for your business
  • Tactics for lead generation
  • PLUS 4 ways to grow your email list

This chapter from the eBook on direct marketing channels covers some of the biggest direct marketing questions, including the what, how and why.

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What is a Direct Marketing Channel?

A direct marketing channel is any customer data that you have (email address, phone number etc.) which you can use to communicate directly with them.

The benefits of having a customer database are numerous: promoting specific products or services, targeting customers interested in your product, and communicating with existing customers for repeat business or to upsell.

Types of direct marketing channels

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Telemarketing
  • Social Media
  • Events

How do you BUILD a Direct Marketing Channel?

There are ways for you to build your own direct marketing channel and grow your customer database, such as hosting competitions, giveaways and pop-ups on your website.

Offer to provide new customers with exclusive discounts or lead magnets (where you give someone value in exchange for their contact details).

Direct Marketing Channels Will Help You in the Following Ways

  • TARGET your desired customer.
  • Market on a BUDGET.
  • Increase SALES to current and former customers.
  • Generate NEW BUSINESS.
  • TEST & MEASURE your products or services and sales performance.
  • Build RELATIONSHIPS with prospective customers.
  • To discern how APPEALING your product or service is.
  • See which APPROACH grasps your target market.
  • Offer customers FANTASTIC CONTENT which they can distribute.

DID YOU KNOW? The value you get from building a direct marketing channel is achieving higher conversion rates because you are marketing to a ‘warm audience’.

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