ECape to host Ocean Economy Workshop Ahead of Investor Conference

Updated on 16 March 2018

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ECape to host ocean economy workshop ahead of investor conference

The Amathole District Municipality (ADM) in the Eastern Cape is gearing up for a transformative ocean economy workshop scheduled for Friday, a crucial step in the lead-up to a provincial investor conference set for April. This strategic initiative is poised to empower local municipalities and catalyze sustainable job creation, thereby elevating living standards in the region.

ADM Executive Mayor, and Councillor Nomfusi Nxawe, expressed the municipality’s commitment to unlocking ocean wealth opportunities during the workshop. The primary focus is on bolstering communities and fostering improved livelihoods through the creation of sustainable employment opportunities. With a clear vision of fostering economic growth through ocean-based initiatives, the municipality is strategically positioning itself to harness the untapped potential of its coastal resources.

The workshop, tailored to benefit four key coastal municipalities under ADM’s jurisdiction, namely Mnquma, Ngqushwa, Mbhashe, and Great Kei, is poised to be a pivotal event. These municipalities, each possessing unique coastal assets, stand to gain valuable insights and strategies to harness the vast potential of the ocean economy. The intent is to drive inclusive economic development that not only protects the marine environment but also uplifts the communities dependent on it.

One of the significant highlights of the workshop is the anticipated participation of a high-level delegation from both the national and provincial governments. This inclusion underscores the collaborative approach between local, provincial, and national authorities in advancing ocean economy initiatives. The shared commitment to leveraging maritime resources for economic growth is a testament to the concerted effort to create a sustainable blueprint for development.

The ocean economy workshop is expected to address critical aspects of maritime development, including sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, coastal tourism, and marine transport. By delving into these key sectors, the workshop aims to identify viable opportunities that align with the unique strengths and resources of each coastal municipality. This tailored approach ensures that the strategies developed are not only region-specific but also sustainable and community-focused.

The forthcoming provincial investor conference in April will serve as a platform to showcase the outcomes and recommendations emanating from the ocean economy workshop. It will provide a stage for municipalities within the ADM to attract potential investors, fostering partnerships that will drive the envisioned economic growth.

Councillor Nxawe emphasized the workshop’s commitment to creating a foundation for sustainable job creation, a critical component in elevating living standards. By engaging in open discussions and collaborative planning, the workshop aims to foster an environment conducive to innovation and investment. This proactive stance aligns with the broader national and international efforts to harness the economic potential of our oceans while safeguarding their ecological integrity.

The ADM’s upcoming ocean economy workshop signifies a strategic move toward unlocking the economic potential of its coastal assets. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among key stakeholders, the municipality is laying the groundwork for inclusive and sustainable economic growth. As the outcomes of the workshop unfold, the province eagerly anticipates the positive ripple effects that will emanate from harnessing the wealth of the ocean for the benefit of local communities and the broader Eastern Cape region.

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