Global Small Business Union Launches in SA

Updated on 8 March 2018

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Why big corporate CSI initiatives need to help build more SMEsAn international non-profit organisation which aims to support and protect the rights and interests of small and medium enterprises and the craft sector launched recently in South Africa.

The World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (WUSME) was founded in 2010 with delegates from 53 countries and has since expanded to encompass 100 countries across 5 continents, including Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

In South Africa, WUSME will work in partnership with ENN Africa, an online platform which provides an environment for entrepreneurs to collaborate, share ideas, educate and peer review one another.

“As the South African economy is sustained by small and medium enterprises, WUSME is committed to encourage and support these South African entrepreneurs,” the union said.

“They will form part of prospective WUSME members that will regularly be given opportunities of international exposure for reduced rates and discounted international hotels and airlines.”(via African News Agency)

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