Henley Africa Launches New African Hero Scholarship

Posted on March 16th, 2018
Biz News

Henley Business School Africa (Henley Africa) is launching an African Hero scholarship for its Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Practice (PG Dip) and MBA programmes, in recognition of the positive changes in SA’s political landscape.

The scholarship is open to suitably qualified candidates who have shown their commitment to building a fair, inclusive, prosperous and thriving South Africa – people who have demonstrated a real capacity to make a difference and have dedicated themselves to nation building. The African Hero’s Scholarships will cover two full-fee placements for the Henley MBA for the 2018 academic year, worth R249,500.

Eligibility and application criteria:

  • Citizens of any African country are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants shall meet the admission requirements (in terms of both academic and management experience) of the Henley MBA. The award of the scholarship will be conditional upon admission to the Henley Flexible Learning MBA.
  • The successful candidate must provide evidence of demonstrated leadership qualities, and also show (in the form of an essay of not more than 1000 words) how he/she would use the knowledge from the Henley MBA back in his/her workplace/community/society to make a positive impact.
  • Applications for the scholarship must be made separately to the MBA application, and must be received by no later than 16 April 2018.
  • Application forms are available at: http://www.henleysa.ac.za/mba/apply-now.html.
    Completed applications must be sent by email to admissions@henleysa.ac.za.

Searching for heroes

Jonathan Foster-Pedley, Dean and director of Henley Africa, says the African Hero scholarship celebrates the unsung heroes who, despite having faced significant adversity, have stood up and challenged those responsible for bringing South Africa to its knees – politically, economically and socially. “We want to salute those heroes who, through gritty determination, have kept the spirit of democracy, equality, progress and fairness alive.

“At the dawn of our democracy, South Africans knew who their African heroes were – Mandela, Tambo and the like – people who sacrificed themselves and their lives to bring change and end the misery of Apartheid. Yet in the past nine years, South Africans have been hard-pressed to find heroes to look up to. We lost our way under a fog of mismanagement, corruption and collusion in state capture. We lost confidence in ourselves, in our purpose and to some degree in Africa.

“This scholarship acknowledges those South African and African heroes who have risen up in our time of need and who are inspiring South Africans to join together to build a better future for us all. It’s our way of encouraging people of all backgrounds in South Africa to stand up and make a difference.”

As an institution whose stated mission is to build the people, who build the businesses that build Africa, Henley Africa aims to provide education that gives people the skills and capabilities to build businesses that deliver value, create employment and nurture growth. “Our education also aims to instill in our students ethical and moral values and standards that are critical to good governance and a prosperous South Africa.”

Henley Africa is also driving corporate activism, a process whereby it is instilling consciousness into the business community around the unintended consequences of what may seem in the heat of the moment to be rational commercial practice.

“We want to give business people the tools to stand up for good practice and for them to help those around them become aware of the unintended consequences of their actions, which may seem in the moment to be good for business but are bad for our country, our nation and economy.”

Visit the MBA programme details at https://www.henleysa.ac.za/mba/ or download the scholarship application form here to apply.