Holiday Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

Posted on December 9th, 2019
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It’s that time of the year, once again, to take things slow, ease your sore muscles (and egos) and take a long-awaited break. For entrepreneurs burnout is a reality, so it’s important to make time to relax and have fun during the festive season.

Whether you are taking a holiday break or not, here are self-care tips to help you relax and recharge this festive season:

1. Reflect on the lessons you’ve learnt this year – Dov Girnun, CEO and founder, Merchant Capital

“Even though it’s a short time, splitting your time between reflection and relaxation will mean you come back feeling refreshed with a clear idea of what you need to achieve.

2. Use creative pursuits to de-stress – Katlego Kolobe, certified master coach

“Everything from art, music, dancing, crafting and even cooking, meditation and relaxation, travel and leisure and physical activities [are ways to de-stress].” Read more

3. Give back – Dov Girnun, CEO and founder of Merchant Capital

“Start small. You can help someone disadvantaged with a job helping you part time, or collect client donations for a charity. Every bit helps. Community upliftment spreads awareness of your business and will often make you feel a little more human.” Read more

4. Give yourself permission to practice self-care – Zinhle Khumalo, founder of Ikhethelo Clothing & Textiles, a clothing manufacturing factory

“I give [myself] permission to nourish and recharge my mind, body and spirit every day so I can meet myself where I’m at.” Read more

5. Implement a daily gratitude habit – Mari Lee, CEO and founder, DevCom

“I count my blessings every day. I love what I do and am super grateful to have a supportive environment that enables it.” Read more

6. Remember, laughter is the best medicine – Mari Lee

“I don’t take myself or the things that happen while travelling (like delays) too seriously. I greet and chat with people en route, and just show kindness and give smiles.” Read more

7. Find ways to relax and to recharge – Thozama Hopa, founder, Zito Aluminium and Glass

“Reading a book and playing chess are things I do with self-care in mind. I also watch professional boxing live as I find watching the sport helps me to relax.” Read more

8. Switch off  – Dov Girnun

“Play with your kids or simply disconnect all your devices over lunch to go for a walk, it’s important to clear your mind every day.

9. Incorporate mindful meditation into your daily schedule – Dov Girnun

“Spend a little time exploring different calming techniques such as deep breathing, writing in a journal or listening to classical music. Find out what calms you down.

10. Schedule in exercise – Jon-Marc De Carvalho, co-founder of Frost Popsicles

“For me self-care is intrinsically linked to exercise and I am a passionate water polo player, I go to gym and I enjoy swimming. I have find it critical to helping me clear my mind and keep me mentally agile as well as physically fit. It is also a good stress outlet.” Read more

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